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From 1 to over 20 metres high, our trails are installed in trees, rocks or even on artificial structures. 

The range consists of different trails. Our concept is to create a family environment where the trails are classified according to various levels of difficulty:

Yellow (children -1,20 mètres)
Circuit designed from 1 to 2 metres high.

Green (easy)
Circuit designed between 2 and 5 metres high.

Blue (moderate)
Circuit installed between 5 and 10 metres high.

Red (difficult)
Depending on tree size, this circuit is installed at + than 10 metres.

Black (very difficult)
Circuit organised at + de 10 metres, depending on tree size.

By following our suggestions, you can choose between over 50 different games that are configured and placed in such a way that they are easy to find, more or less challenging according to their position but always increasing in difficulty and effort.

We will deliver to you a finished park, ready to operate and compliant with the French AFNOR, and European EN standards, and always sensitive to the environment.

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