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Construction and safety standards conform to the French AFNOR PR XP 552-902-1 and PR XP 552-902-2 standard which regulate both construction and safety in adventure parks.

The building of our trails is in full conformity with the EUROPEAN NF EN 15567-1 and EN 15567-2 standards issued by the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN). 

The work we undertake on the user-friendliness of our installations (simplification of belay fall preventers, better understanding of signage, positioning of emergency exits) increases safety levels, simplifies the work of those who run the adventure trail whilst encouraging the user to stretch his or her limits. 

To respond to the way security standards are evolving, we strongly recommend the use of a continuous system of lifelines, the best safety guarantee there is for the user and peace of mind for the operator.

By the standards that are in force, the site manager has an « obligation of means » in terms of security and to make this easier we are able to provide staff training for surveillance, first aid, and checks on the installations and equipment to help you create your own safety and quality charter.


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