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A mini adventure park on an artificial structure, easily assembled and taken down, easy to transport and modular ! These sport and leisure stations respond very well to the needs of local organisations  (sporting occasions, events) but also to investors in such things as playing fields, amusement parks, ski stations, beach clubs, hotel sites, …

The MOBIPARK is completely modular according to your available space and can be delivered with  6, 8 or 10 posts and with 1 or 2 floors.

  • safety foremost with continuous lifeline
  • in town, either indoors or outdoors
  • transportable and easy to put together
  • accessible from 3 years old
  • minimum supervision (1 person min.)
  • a highly valued activity that can continue throughout the day
  • very quick financial return

Complies to the French AFNOR and European standards.

Budget: from 20 000€ including technical manual, concept, construction with continuous lifeline, individual protection equipment and checks.

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