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Aerial adventure parks allow people to explore woodland in an original way. It follows therefore that such activities must be perfectly well integrated into the natural forest itself.

When we create a treetop adventure park, we are careful to preserve the site as much as possible: 

Clearance of pedestrian walkways, minimal cutting and shaping of trees simply to ensure the safety of the public and the smooth operation of the park. This allows both the undergrowth  and the trees to develop satisfactorily as well as ensuring the best possible management of  fire risk.


Better management of the woodland environment by careful surveillance and regular maintenance.


Tree protection: the platforms installed in the trees are only attached by clamps and do not hurt the trees. The model we use for fixing, was created with a tree and woodland specialist, and doesn’t inhibit the movement of sap in the tree.


The placing of protective half logs at moorings level prevents the trees from being trimmed or having their trunks defaced.


Maintenance and respect for the natural environment, ensuring regeneration of the area despite heavy traffic. 


Creation of walkways so as to manage the flows of people and preserve both the soil itself and the adjacent tree roots.


Annual health checks of the supporting trees by an independent specialist.


Our adventure parks are well thought out so as to preserve our environment!

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